My Updated Pairings - May 13, 2019

Pairings are just two habits or actions you pair together so you don’t think of one without remembering the other. Think bread and butter or coffee and creamer. This hack of pairing things together has drastically changed how quickly I implement new habits and practices in my life!

To make these pairings stick, you need to practice them for at least 60 days. The first 30 of those being VERY important. When you start a new habit, the first 10 days are unbearable, the next 10 days are uncomfortable and the next 10 days are a way of life so keep at it!

My new pairings:

  • Apple cider vinegar “shots” with making breakfast (for gut health)
  • Workout with bible time (I think of pairing my physical health and my spiritual health)
  • Gratitude with crawling into bed (before I crawl into bed, I list a few things I’m grateful for)
  • Hot tea with checking email in the afternoon (instead of eating chocolate!)
  • Makeup with a podcast (I only get to listen for 7-10 minutes but it’s worth it!)
  • Snack time and skipping (Pixyn LOVES this and it’s impossible not to smile when you’re skipping!)
  • Drink water when I enter the kitchen (hydration is SUPER important for all body functions so this is how I get more in)
  • Sound of the door with greeting (when it’s my family, I pause and greet them with a hug and a kiss)
  • Car radio with gratitude (before I can turn the car radio on, I have to list things I’m grateful for… my kids know this rule and it’s great to involve them!)
  • Lay out work clothes and workout clothes out in advance
  • Laundry and phone calls (I call my brother-in-law, Nathan, or my twin sister, Sarah)

Challenge time!

Find at least 3 pairings you will start implementing TOMORROW.

1. ________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________

 Write them down and put them in a visible place (bedroom nightstand, bathroom mirror) so you can implement them more easily.

Do them daily. 
Make them SIMPLE.
Make them repeatable.

We got this Encouragers!